is oldest and greatest of all IT web stores in Finland and biggest IT reseller in Finland. net store is build on Foobar Linux platform making sure system is easy to grow bigger and keep secure by maintenance patches.

Foobar Oy has build Highly Available firewall systems with DHCP and DNS services for both Ruoholahti and Pirkkala stores. Fully redundant system has has proved it's capabilities in every day use. Maintenance doesn't cause downtime when service can be moved from one cluster node to another.

Firewall machines run IPsec VPN services. Tens of concurrent users with Windows, OS X or Linux machines can get secure network connection to work network. Wireless network is secured by using IPsec VPN. There is no room for compromises in data security.

Network connection between Helsinki, Pirkkala, and Oulu is fault tolerant with IPsec VPN backup link. Backup connection is used after some seconds of downtime on main network connection. It has been in use several times when internal network communication has been down because of telco network failures. Critical operations kept functioning during main network link downtime. has Linux Terminal Server cluster in use. Applications are run from diskless computers on clustered servers so critical operations are not stopped when one of servers need to be maintained.

D-Fence Oy

D-Fence Oy is the leading email security provider in Finland.

Foobar Oy has designed and build email server cluster where D-Fence Oy provides email filtering services. System is build using reliable Foobar Linux. Clustered email service which has two physical locations handles over ten million emails in week. System is build so that it tolerates more than one missing node without service being interrupted.

Foobar Oy is participating in maintaining and developing operational system.

Other Customers

Here are some other customers of ours.

City of Somero, Finance Link Oy, and Mecsel Oy