Foobar Linux

Foobar Linux is a Linux distribution by Foobar Oy (Inc.). It's based on a prominent Enterprise Linux distribution which released it's source code under the GPL license. We added data security and usability applications over this stable base. System is built to be easy to maintain as whole.

We did build our own Linux distribution to offer our customers better service. Because whole system is in our control, we can do rapid changes if required. We can fix bugs original distribution didn't fix for some reason.

Special Abilities

Foobar Linux is especially strong in security being the first Linux distribution including Libreswan IPsec VPN software. Libreswan is one of the most compatible IPsec implementations.

Linux kernel includes Netfilter firewall. We use Shoreline Firewall (Shorewall) which makes maintaining complicated firewall rulesets easy.

Included software makes it possible to achieve high availability and load balancing. These together do make building bigger server clusters possible.